hope in a pocket

We all carry burdens, anxieties, and concerns for those we love. We worry about ourselves and our future.

Have you ever thought of carrying something that actually helps you?

Pope Francis gives some good advice on this.

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  1. David says:

    Hi John,
    Did you know that St La Salle told us that the New Testament is our “first and principal Rule” and that the Brothers were to carry it on their person?
    We actually had a small pocket inside our holy habit in which to carry the New Testament.
    Good advice this morning. I have Bible quotes app on my mobile and Universalis now comes daily by email so when it flashes on the screen I stop and read something of it from the Offices or liturgy of the day.
    Keep inspiring John.

  2. john oconnor says:

    Thanks David for this. I had forgotten this…I remember one of our brothers telling me about the habit with the pocket for the New Testament. Great to know that you are finding the phone app useful. I have tried it but I think I probably need the physical reminder in the pocket.

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