lectio divina

Many methods have been offered for the tradition of “divine reading” of the scriptures. Too often this beautiful form of prayer is complicated by well-intentioned teachers.

It is really very simple.

In a few minutes of prayer pick up a gospel passage. A search of “daily readings” will take you the US Bishops’ Conference website where the scriptures for every day will pop up. You might choose to go back to last Sunday’s gospel.

This brief video clip offers some further guidance.

Most importantly, when you pick up the Bible and begin to read, do so with the expectation that God will speak to you through this Word, and that you will be able to hear God speak to you.

Begin by inviting God: “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening“…



PS. On last Wednesday evening a great group of people gathered for the Food For Faith for Lent sessions at St. Gregory’s. The session on Wednesday 5 April will help us to understand the significance of the Liturgy of the Church leading us through Holy Week to Easter. This journey is the heart of all Christian faith and I look forward to sharing it with you:

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