let’s pray

I am often surprised and saddened to hear people speaking about their own experience of prayer with a degree of uncertainty and lack of confidence. But when I hear them speak it is clear to me that they have no reason at all to be uncertain because they are praying beautifully. They are in relationship with Christ and they know that Christ is with them…
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  1. Joy Cowley says:

    Fr John, this is beautiful, and a reminder that there is no wrong way to pray, because prayer comes from the heart’s desire for God – which, as you say, is our greatest desire. As we get older, our relationship with the Spirit of Christ can become so familiar, so close, that our language becomes the language of love. Whatever happens during the day, be it gift or teaching, our prayer response can be, “Thank you, Dearest.”

    • john oconnor says:

      Thank you Joy.. it is deeply encouraging for me to be united with you and so many other friends in this expressing of our greatest desire – for God.

  2. Cushla says:

    I agree with Joy…this is beautiful John. The message you give us to be ‘comfortable’ with the “distractions’ that come to mind when we set aside quite time for prayer, those precious still moments in our busy days when are in relationship with the Spirit of Christ, is reassuring for me, reassuring for many I would imagine!

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