On this Saturday morning you perhaps you are able to look ahead to a weekend that is a bit more relaxed than the work or study week. However I know too that is is very easy for time off to be filled with yet more work.

Many people struggle with getting good rest and recreation. Perhaps this is a skill we have lost. I have been encouraged greatly by the writing of German philosopher Josep Pieper. His work is widely respected by those who seek true food for faith and his thought is grounded in the Tradition of Christian faith.

This video clip gives you a break from my own reflections, and makes a point much more clearly and thoroughly than I ever could. So put your feet up and take ten minutes to savour this reflection.

From the video clip:

“Leisure is a celebratory lingering gaze of the inner eye upon the miracle and reality of creation, Today however we live in a work-centred existence, an existence that places no value on such things a reality where the values of work have begun to dominate us even in our time away from work, as we continually strive to spend our time in more efficient and productive ways. How did this become so?”

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