The poppy from Flanders Field in Belgium has become the most visible symbol of Anzac remembrance. When I was a very young child my father taught me the John McCrae poem: “In Flanders fields, the poppies blow, beneath the crosses…” Today New Zealanders and Australians will wear poppies in remembrance.

We are in the midst of the four years of centennial remembrance of World War I 1914-1918. More than 1.5% of New Zealanders died in this first World War (and just under 1% in WWII 21 years later).

Two years ago I was on the Chatham Islands to mark the centennial of the tragic Gallipoli campaign. You can read the post at these links – dawn service here, and later morning parade and service here.

We are slow to learn that the violence of war can never deliver the depth and stability of peace for which the human heart longs.

I have just found a website with a selection of prayers for peace. You might like to pray one of these as your Anzac Day prayer.

Prayers for Peace

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