from the pit

Catholicism is a communal faith and Catholicism is also about personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In different eras of Christian history one has sometimes been emphasised at the expense of the other. At these times we have forgotten that both personal relationship with Jesus and communal faith are essential for every Christian. Without a daily […]

seven years on

Today, February 22, marks seven years since the devastating 2011 earthquake which brought tragic loss of life to our city of Christchurch where we continue the long and difficult process of rebuilding lives and livelihoods. There are many signs of great hope as people work together to build a city that is not only stronger in […]

jumper leads

The daily scriptures from the Liturgy of the Church give me plenty of material for reflection. But when I am open and expectant the people of the events of every day also speak to me with the power of the scriptures with vivid reminders of the presence and action of Jesus alive and active in […]

love forgives

Over the two thousand years of Christian history the life-giving teachings of Jesus have too often been misrepresented and misunderstood. Some zealous Christians have routinely shifted the emphasis from what Jesus explicitly taught, to other teachings that may have more to do with the fears and agendas of preachers and teachers. Sadly Catholics have time […]

law & the poor

It was a great joy for me yesterday morning to be in Murupara, a small and isolated Bay of Plenty town on the banks of the Rangitaiki River, to celebrate with Brother Vince Jury the 70th anniversary of his entering the Christian brothers. On Tuesday 27 January 1948 15 year-old Vincent boarded a Short Sandringham flying […]

tempted ?

You might have heard the one about the Abbot who asked the novice if he had been entertaining temptations. “No” the novice replied, “I haven’t been entertaining temptations. They have been entertaining me”. In today’s Sunday gospel Jesus is tempted. I appreciate that reminder helping me to remember that when I am being tempted I […]

like a magnet

In today’s gospel reading we meet a tax-collector called Matthew, previously known as Levi. I like him. His life before encountering Jesus was probably a bit worldly with a view of reality distorted by attachment to earthly possessions. Pope Francis has said that one of his favourite works of art is Caravaggio‘s calling of this […]

cry for help

I often think that I have the best job in the world, not a job really but a life. As a priest I am very fortunate. I have to add that I love my work because I am someone who has always embraced and enjoyed adventure and challenge and the daily life of a priest […]

choose life

I remember turning up the driveway of Holy Cross College Mosgiel on the day I entered the seminary and seeing a marble statue of Jesus carrying his cross heading out the gate. The statue became a significant touchstone for me over the next six years. Thanks to inspiring and challenging teachers and an environment of […]

Ash Wednesday

Whatever season of the year you are living in today, and whatever season of life’s journey, today we enter together a spring-time of growth for relationship with God. Take two minutes to watch this video clip and find out why I’m thinking of spring on Ash Wednesday when it is Autumn for those of us […]