seven years on

Today, February 22, marks seven years since the devastating 2011 earthquake which brought tragic loss of life to our city of Christchurch where we continue the long and difficult process of rebuilding lives and livelihoods. There are many signs of great hope as people work together to build a city that is not only stronger in […]

what to do?

A couple of weeks ago I was privileged to take part in the annual Hearts Aflame gathering of 100 young NZ Catholics aged between 18 & 35. I was asked to share a few thoughts on discernment and I am happy to share the video with you at the link below. While it is a […]

holy & innocent

Surrounded by gifts, good food and Christmas goodwill, it is easy to forget the full reality of the birth of Jesus.  At the time of the birth of Jesus, Mary and Joseph were travellers. Pope Francis made this the central point of his Christmas homily in St. Peter’s. The homelessness of Mary, Joseph and their […]

Handel’s Messiah

I was a student in the seminary when I was first introduced to Handel’s great oratorio, Messiah. This work is widely considered to be a master-work both of composition and of communication of the Old Testament prophecy and New Testament experience of the Messiah. It has become a great pre-Christmas moment for many who attend […]

listen in the car

I rarely get the opportunity to read as much as I would like to. I have a stack of books and articles waiting to be read both in my office and  piled beside the bed. However technology offers easy access to talking books and podcasts that I listen to as I drive. Many video presentations […]

about sin

After a long week I’ve made it to Friday afternoon. No doubt your week has been full and (in the opening words of the Constitution on the Church in the Modern World) there will have been joys, hopes, griefs and anxieties. In recent days I have seen and experienced the good and the bad of […]

city (re)building

I have mentioned The Liturgy Guys a few times before. Their liturgy podcasts from St Mary of the Lake University in Mundelein have become essential formation material for any person seeking to grow in their understanding of the liturgy of the church. This week’s podcast has a unique appeal to those of us in Christchurch […]

lake wobegon

One of the sections of this Food For Faith website is entitled “listen.” In this age of computer movies and on-demand TV, listening as our ancestors did to radio comedies, documentaries and interviews is sadly a relatively rare pastime. Many people of my age (and certainly those who are older) will remember the radio theme-tunes for popular soap-operas and […]

leaders & vision

I was interested to hear of the publication today of a new book on leadership written by NZ  “leadership coach” Diana Jones. Tap on the image below to hear one of the interviews that whetted my appetite. I was especially interested to hear the emphasis on emotional and social intelligence, and vision in which Diana says […]

ordination music

And yet more savouring of Saturday’s ordinations. This time Ken Joblin who led the choir and orchestra inspiring the congregation to join in full voice shares with us 45 minutes of the music from the ordination Mass. Tap on the image of Ken and his team below to savour the beauty.  

Ave Verum

The depths of human pain,  suffering and grief can produce some of the most exquisite beauty in art. The suffering and death of Jesus is an example, and one of the most beautiful works ever composed is Mozart’s Ave Verum. Hail, true body born of the Virgin Mary, Who truly suffered, sacrificed on the Cross […]

extinction or life?

I was skimming through the Food For Faith archive last week and found a Radio New Zealand interview from March 2011. RNZ had phoned me on receiving the results of a survey which indicated that religion was becoming extinct. They asked what I thought, and I was able to share my experience of faith at the […]

how to be happy

The great challenge at the heart of human life is the discernment of what will lead us to greater intimacy with God, and what will lead us away from this life-giving relationship. Of course most people don’t use “God language” to speak of this. So let’s re-word this great challenge: the decisions of each day […]

NZ’er in Holy Land

It was a pleasure last week to catch up with Br. Peter Bray FSC at Br. Lewis’ perpetual profession. Peter is a New Zealand de la Salle brother, back in New Zealand briefly on a break from his role as Vice Chancellor (President) of Bethlehem University in the Holy Land. Last Sunday he was interviewed […]

James K Baxter

Thanks to Radio New Zealand online I can share this interview with Fr.  John Weir, editor of the complete prose works of one of New Zealand’s greatest writers, James K Baxter. Baxter became a Catholic in 1959 and from that point his writing became even more focussed on faith in a way that was not limited […]