how to be happy

The great challenge at the heart of human life is the discernment of what will lead us to greater intimacy with God, and what will lead us away from this life-giving relationship. Of course most people don’t use “God language” to speak of this. So let’s re-word this great challenge: the decisions of each day […]

NZ’er in Holy Land

It was a pleasure last week to catch up with Br. Peter Bray FSC at Br. Lewis’ perpetual profession. Peter is a New Zealand de la Salle brother, back in New Zealand briefly on a break from his role as Vice Chancellor (President) of Bethlehem University in the Holy Land. Last Sunday he was interviewed […]

James K Baxter

Thanks to Radio New Zealand online I can share this interview with Fr.  John Weir, editor of the complete prose works of one of New Zealand’s greatest writers, James K Baxter. Baxter became a Catholic in 1959 and from that point his writing became even more focussed on faith in a way that was not limited […]

Christmas on radio

A few days ago I had a call from Tim Wilson of Newstalk ZB asking for a Christmas interview with a country pastor. I was happy to share a thought or two and this morning the station played the full 15 minute interview. You can listen below Part One at this link – jump to […]

depression & hope

Without  a doubt friendship is the greatest gift in life and in this regard I am very fortunate. In conversations with some people I have met in recent weeks I see the seeds of friendship, and others have been my friends for a decade or two or three or more. More than four decades ago […]

building blocks

Today’s offering from The Liturgy Guys is especially timely for the parishes in our Christchurch diocese that are in the process of building or restoring churches. The building or restoring of a parish church is a great opportunity for a parish to grow in appreciation of the nature of a Catholic church building. Such deepening […]

on the bus

On a bus journey across the north of Italy following a faith-focussed four-day meeting of people representing 80 countries, a number of participants were interviewed. You might recognise a voice or two on this 15 minute podcast: International Assembly

the liturgy guys

In a few weeks I will complete my studies at the Liturgical Institute of St Mary of the Lake University, Chicago.  There are many new things happening at the institute, including this week’s launch of The Liturgy Guys podcast where Denis McNamara (known to many of us in Christchurch after his August 2014 visit to […]

power of music

One of the great satisfactions of driving for 300 km every weekend is having the time (and ideal place) to listen to podcasts. Last weekend Radio New Zealand broadcast this uplifting interview with classical pianist James Rhodes. I found the interview very moving, and a powerful reminder that humans cannot live without beauty. James Rhodes in Conversation […]

Easter Morning

It is before dawn on the first day of the week, still dark, and I am just prayed Morning Prayer here at Hawarden with a team from the Liturgical Institute as they lead Lauds for Easter Sunday Morning. You can find the audio at this link. The image is of Peter and John running to the tomb […]

five years on

Today, February 22, marks five years since the devastating 2011 earthquake which brought tragic loss of life to our city. Five years on we continue the long and difficult process of rebuilding our lives and livelihoods. On the first anniversary of the earthquake in 2012 tens of thousands of us gathered in Hagley Park for a […]

funeral homily

I had hoped to put the funeral homilies from the Vigil and Funeral Masses for Bishop Barry Jones online here at Food For Faith, but unfortunately due to slip-ups with technology and human error this is not yet possible. However there is another inspiring funeral homily given a couple of hours ago in Washington DC […]

a podcast treat

One of the advantages of driving a lot these days is that technology provides an easy abundance of audio entertainment with a wide range of podcasts. On the way back to Hawarden from Hanmer Springs’ Mass last night I listened to Radio NZ’s Kim Hill in conversation with Yann Martel. The interview is a real treat. Martel […]

a mother’s tears

I will never know the depth of enduring pain felt by a mother who watches helplessly as her child suffers and dies. As a priest I have buried too many children and young people, and witnessed the torment of the anguished parents. Today’s feast of Our Lady of Sorrows reminds me of the ancient (13th century) […]

Mystery of God

Here at Food For Faith I often quote the rector of the Mundelein seminary Robert Barron, and every week a link from the Hurunui parish website takes readers to his reflection on the Sunday scriptures. Last week Pope Francis appointed Fr. Barron to be one of the three new auxiliary bishops of Los Angeles, but […]