doorstep surprise

I arrived back home yesterday afternoon after Masses at Cheviot and Culverden to find a box on my doorstep. I could never have guessed what was inside. Someone (I have no idea who) had left me a complete set of Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica in 22 volumes! I am very curious about who left it […]

Nazareth chapel

Today the new Nazareth House Christchurch chapel was dedicated. The chapel is an attractive heart of the rest-home community. The simple, dignified design includes the altar, stained-glass windows and stations of the cross from the old earthquake-damaged chapel. The design of the chapel has also recreated the transcendent dimension of the old. Good preparation and […]

moving church

A very strange sight here in Amberley on Tuesday evening. I was mowing the lawns in front of the church and a church went past. This does not happen often and I was pretty surprised, but had enough presence of mind to grab my phone from my pocket in time to take a couple of […]

men’s retreat day

In response to requests I am offering retreat day for men on Saturday 24 February 2018. Most men have never had the opportunity for or an invitation to this kind of reflection day. Here is your invitation and now is your opportunity. You may be at Mass regularly, or you may not have been near […]

always hope

Graeme, May the angels lead you into paradise; may the martyrs come to welcome you and take you into the holy city, the new and eternal Jerusalem. Note the audio of today’s homily of Fr. Rick Loughnan is available at this link.  With gratitude to Peter Fleming for sharing these photos.

the threshold

Grief is the price we pay for love, and this week the many family and friends who love and are loved by Fr. Graeme Blackburn have been gripped by grief at his tragic road accident death on Monday. We were united in speechless shock at the news. Memories began to be shared. Tears flowed and […]

deep sadness

Last evening we received the tragic news of the death of one of our youngest priests in a road accident. Graeme Blackburn was ordained on 1 July last year. Our prayers are with and for Erin his mother, his family, his many friends, and for us his diocesan family of Christchurch. Our shared grief is […]

the pointer

My paternal grandfather knew his way around the night sky. In New Zealand, the Southern Cross is the most recognisable constellation.  I remember grandad showing me this cross, and the “Pointers”, the two stars that seem to point to the Southern Cross. Many artistic representations of John the Baptist show him as a ‘pointer’. He […]

180 years ago

180 years ago, 13 January 1838, the first Catholic Mass was celebrated on Aotearoa New Zealand soil. Bishop Pompallier had arrived in the country a couple of days earlier. Here is the account of the event in from his diary: “On Wednesday, the 10th of January, 1838, we arrived at the entrance to the Hokianga River, […]


One of these years I will make it to the New York Encounter. The 2018 event will be held over the next two days and “strives to witness to the new life and knowledge generated by the faith,” following Pope Benedict’s claim that “the intelligence of faith has to become the intelligence of reality.” I […]

the holy longing

“the Magi did not set out because they had seen the star, but they saw the star because they had already set out” I enjoyed a couple of days this past week at the annual Hearts Aflame gathering of young Catholics, this year held in the small Rangitikei town of Marton. This ten-day live-in event […]


Every now and then Food For Faith followers send inspiring reflections and are happy that I share these. I am grateful to Frank Kelly who sent the above poem with the comment: “Since I am not a retail enthusiast, I was glad to miss out on all the “bargains” in store and online. So I spent […]

social media

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For most of the history of human civilisation the term family has been used to speak of a community of love: parents and children, with a complex and diverse range of relationship connections through blood, legal contract and friendship ties. In the “Western” world family was often defined as a household of wife and husband […]

my inmost calm

If you didn’t read my request yesterday could I ask that before you read today’s reflection you take a moment to complete the brief evaluation. Your comments will determine whether this Food For Faith mission has a future. Our direction and development is dependant on your feedback so please click the image here to respond. […]