maturing faith

“…This is different. This isn’t the same as the Easter bunny. This is mature. This is chilling. This is important. This isn’t something that is trivial, and is not something that I think I will ever outgrow whatever it means…? (Brian Holdsworth) Take five minutes to watch and then a moment to share your comment […]

Pentecost fire

Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon at the royal wedding was inspiring and makes an ideal reflection for today’s great feast of Pentecost. I especially enjoyed when the bishop’s passion even caused the candlesticks to vibrate – but many of the hearers seemed to remain unmoved…

power of words

A few days ago the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King passed quietly. While the anniversary is significant in the process of movement towards civil rights for all people and an acknowledgement of the great leadership of Martin Luther King, the date April 4 is also significant for one of the greatest […]

Suzanne Aubert

Only God can make saints, but is a great help to us when one who walked our own land is named by the church as being with God in heaven. We are encouraged in our own life with God when a “local” with human limitations and personality traits is called a model for a holy […]

rise up

Around the world in these Easter days hundreds of thousands of preachers have done their best to communicate the meaning of the resurrection of Jesus to hungry congregations. I suspect that few have hit the mark as well as Fr. Alex in this Easter homily. You can subscribe to Fr. Alex’s YouTube channel at this […]


The bronze sculpture above will be recognised by many as the magnificent tabernacle doors from the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament. These doors made by the Christchurch Sculptor Ria Bancroft, and since the earthquake which destroyed the cathedral in 2011 the doors along with many of the other Cathedral treasures have been in safe keeping. […]

Good Friday

There is one moment in the year when  Christians around the world gather at the same hour, 3.00pm on Good Friday for the celebration of the Lord’s Passion. This is one of the best attended liturgies in the year and it surprises and encourages me that people continue to come to this liturgy that seems […]

the Triduum

These three days, from Holy Thursday evening until the Saturday evening Vigil of Easter, are at the heart of our life as Christians and therefore the core of our human existence. An Invitation   I find it helpful to live these three days, the Triduum, as days of retreat. You will probably be fully occupied […]

Palm Sunday

It’s Palm Sunday this weekend, the day that marks the end of Lent and the beginning of Holy Week. You will notice in the Palm Sunday gospel that people are shouting in praise of Jesus and laying palm branches as a carpet of welcome for him as he enters Jerusalem. Have you ever considered that […]


With my new appointments I am appreciating the opportunity to be available for group reflection sessions. After a couple of sessions last week in one Christchurch parish last night I was in another (reflecting on prayer and discernment) and I have a lunch-time reflection session today with a Christchurch combined parishes group. I’ll let you […]

greatest journey

Today’s first reading tells of a mountain-top encounter between God and Moses. God tells Moses to head back down the mountain because the people are in the process of creating their own God – a golden calf. Without an awareness of the presence of God this is what we all do; if we are not building […]


Do you ever find that you long for a break from the busyness of life, the weekend comes and goes, and on Monday you wake with the feeling that you need another weekend? This might have something to do with us having un-learned the art of rest. In an age when we are taught that […]


Prayer is much easier than most of us think since prayer is our default setting, the most natural way of being in 24/7 relationship with Jesus Christ. I hope you find this brief video clip a helpful encouragement for your prayer.


What is that you hope for your children? In today’s gospel reading we meet the “mother of the sons of Zebedee.” She was ambitious for her boys, but in the conversation with Jesus she comes to see that something more is offered than an earthly understanding of human success.

earth & heaven

Mountain tops are significant places in the Bible. In the Old Testament God was thought to dwell in the distant heavens therefore if you wanted to get close to God you might climb a mountain. Think of Abraham and Isaac, up a mountain in today’s first reading, or Moses coming down the mountain with the […]