With my new appointments I am appreciating the opportunity to be available for group reflection sessions. After a couple of sessions last week in one Christchurch parish last night I was in another (reflecting on prayer and discernment) and I have a lunch-time reflection session today with a Christchurch combined parishes group. I’ll let you […]

greatest journey

Today’s first reading tells of a mountain-top encounter between God and Moses. God tells Moses to head back down the mountain because the people are in the process of creating their own God – a golden calf. Without an awareness of the presence of God this is what we all do; if we are not building […]


Do you ever find that you long for a break from the busyness of life, the weekend comes and goes, and on Monday you wake with the feeling that you need another weekend? This might have something to do with us having un-learned the art of rest. In an age when we are taught that […]


Prayer is much easier than most of us think since prayer is our default setting, the most natural way of being in 24/7 relationship with Jesus Christ. I hope you find this brief video clip a helpful encouragement for your prayer.


What is that you hope for your children? In today’s gospel reading we meet the “mother of the sons of Zebedee.” She was ambitious for her boys, but in the conversation with Jesus she comes to see that something more is offered than an earthly understanding of human success.

earth & heaven

Mountain tops are significant places in the Bible. In the Old Testament God was thought to dwell in the distant heavens therefore if you wanted to get close to God you might climb a mountain. Think of Abraham and Isaac, up a mountain in today’s first reading, or Moses coming down the mountain with the […]

Ash Wednesday

Whatever season of the year you are living in today, and whatever season of life’s journey, today we enter together a spring-time of growth for relationship with God. Take two minutes to watch this video clip and find out why I’m thinking of spring on Ash Wednesday when it is Autumn for those of us […]

chapel update

A follow-up on the new St. Margaret’s College chapel, formerly St. Mark’s Anglican Church in Rotherham here in the Hurunui. It’s the church that I saw go past last week and reported at this link. Click on the image below to watch a brief CTV video clip showing the arrival of the chapel at St. […]

leading prayer

Prayer is a regular part of the day in a Catholic school or parish. I’m often asked by those who share the responsibility for leading prayer for ideas about how best to lead group prayer. In the video below I offer a couple of suggestions. Take a moment to watch the video then you will […]

to educate

Here in Aotearoa New Zealand we are preparing for the start of the new school year. School staff will meet in the next few days and students will soon arrive to begin the 2018 school year. It’s an ideal opportunity for us to reflect on the goals we have for the educational endeavour within a […]


Since Fr. Graeme Blackburn’s tragic death on Monday night we have been united in grief: Graeme’s mother Erin (above embracing Graeme at his ordination last year) and all Graeme’s family, his many friends, our diocesan family especially parishioners at his Sockburn parish of Our Lady of Victories, and his brothers in the priesthood in Christchurch […]


My friend Alex is an excellent preacher. Because he is in the US which is a day behind NZ and his homilies only appear online on NZ’s Monday I am unable to steal his thoughts and use them as my own Sunday homily!  Instead I am happy to share his YouTube channel and encourage you […]

a New Year gift

Today is the final email in the Advent / Christmas pilgrimage. If you have not yet completed the brief survey please take a moment to do so by clicking on the image below. The future of this Food For Faith mission depends on your feedback – even a word or two in response to one […]

where is love ?

Christmas Greetings to you all. There are many things that I could share in this Christmas day clip, but the image that keeps coming to mind is the Christmas dinner table around which people will gather today with family and friends. A few decades ago the people seated at one Christmas table probably held similar […]


In 2014 at the Rimini Meeting I was moved by an exhibition of the work of French artist Francois Millet marking the 200th anniversary of his birth. Millet appreciated the simplicity and beauty of peasant life and labour, and many of his works depict the poor at work in the field and home. Before Millet, […]