Often we think that the environment has to be just right for our prayer. The problem is that most of us struggle to see our own situations as conducive to prayer. If prayer was about us then this would be a difficulty, but the reality is that our prayer is primarily about what God is […]

prayer is simple

I have a few days holiday in Italy before beginning vacation with around 300 frlends this weekend, then the following week at the Annual Rimini meeting. More on these events over the next couple of weeks.. As I travel north from Rome I have a couple of nights in Assisi. This morning I visited a […]

what a privilege

“You have been chosen by Christ to receive the imprint of his own priesthood in your souls so that your destiny is linked to him in a bond that lasts into eternity. What a challenge, what a demand that is upon you but what a privilege too.” An inspiring 3 minute video reflection from the […]


Today I’m in Hanmer Springs , a beautiful town in the north of the Good Shepherd Hurunui parish. One century ago ago the first soldiers began to return home from the First World War. Many of them were suffering greatly and they came to this place aware of their need for healing. All of us […]

disarming beauty

Too often we see Christian faith presented as and reduced to moralistic and legalistic adherence to cultural norms and moral ideals. However our experience of life with Jesus is that of an encounter with something, no someONE much more, a relationship with the divine who satisfies all human desire and gives meaning to the life […]

be rooted

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning here at sunrise, the bells of the monastery have been ringing calling the monks to prayer, and in a couple of hours we will gather with the community and other retreatants for the Sunday morning monastery Mass. We have a wonderful selection of readings in today’s liturgy. I’m reminded as […]

retreat & reality

A brief Saturday morning live video reflection from New Norcia, a couple of hours north of Perth in Western Australia. I hope you are getting a chance to “retreat” in the most helpful sense of that word this weekend. Tap on this link to watch:  Saturday Morning in New Norcia  

ordination album

Here in the Christchurch diocese we are still savouring the inspirational celebration of last Saturday’s triple ordination. You can see the complete album by tapping on the image below. Peter Fleming was the official photographer for the celebration and he has generously offered his images here for sharing on Food For Faith. He also offers […]

mature faith

It’s the feast of St. Thomas today 3 July,  and an opportunity to reconsider the term “doubting Thomas.” Thomas was not really a doubter. Instead he was an adult seeking the verification that all adults need if we are to truly believe.  A child will believe simply because someone they trust says it is so. […]

just give all !

Thinking about Peter and Paul, and martyrs, and getting ready for this Sunday when we will hear Jesus saying that no-one who prefers another to me is worthy of me. The only way we can truly live is when we live before all else, with Jesus Christ. Every other relationship and activity flows from this […]

facing reality

Today I’m at one of the many very beautiful cemeteries of the Hurunui. We the family and friends of one who has died, have gathered here in Waikari to bury him. When we gather for a funeral, we are confronted with the reality of death. The one we have known and loved in life, now […]

Sunday beauty

Today we are in a very beautiful place. I had the privilege of living not too far from here in the town of Cheviot for several years and today we are surrounded by the beauty of the sea, scenery and bird music. A significant number of people have replaced their past church life with a Sunday morning […]

Trinity Sunday

Preachers all over the world will be wondering what to say in a homily for this weekend’s feast of the Trinity. I hope this reflection helps. The Trinity is known to be a mystery, but a mystery is often thought to be something that cannot be understood. This is not true. A mystery is something […]

Pentecost prep

In recent days in preparation for this weekend’s great feast of Pentecost, Pope Francis has been calling us to focus on the heart of the feast – the fact that the Holy Spirit is with us today. The word that Pope Francis has been using a lot is hope…

the big picture

So much of our struggle and anxiety each day comes when we lose sight of the big picture. I like the story about the wise old man who was asked by the boy to explain eternity. They were walking on the sand at the time and the old man took a speck of sand from […]