just chatting

I was on the road very early this morning, soon after 6. As I flicked through radio channels I happened to hear the word “Mass” as one of the morning hosts on a popular Christchurch station was talking about how she was rostered on the children’s liturgy yesterday but couldn’t get her car to start. […]

new Hurunui era

I want to share with Food For Faith readers a great grace, a sign of hope that I experienced this weekend in the Catholic community of the Hurunui. We are a small community, with around 80 people spread over four or five Sunday Masses (depending on the Sunday of the month). Some of our churches […]

walking on water

I landed in Rome early last Monday afternoon and early Tuesday morning arrived at St. Peter’s basilica just before it opened at 7. It’s a great time to visit the basilica, early morning, an hour or two before the tourists overtake the pilgrims who arrive early for the first Masses of the day. After vesting […]

extinction or life?

I was skimming through the Food For Faith archive last week and found a Radio New Zealand interview from March 2011. RNZ had phoned me on receiving the results of a survey which indicated that religion was becoming extinct. They asked what I thought, and I was able to share my experience of faith at the […]

stormy weather

Most Food For Faith readers will find this reflection when the sabbath is past and Monday morning has returned us all to school, study, home and work commitments. In the midst of these demands it would be a great loss to forget the beauty and power of Sunday’s gospel reading, so here, at the start […]

Waitangi 175

School is back after our NZ summer break, and on Friday of this week we mark 175 years since the first signatures were put to the Treaty of Waitangi on Thursday 6 February 1840. Rightly this day is a public holiday in New Zealand, and the day is most commonly referred to as Waitangi Day. In the […]

extinct religion ?

In recent months I have had the opportunity to be with many people of faith in several different countries: New Zealand, Australia, Asia, United States and Europe. Earlier today in St. Peter’s Square I was with tens of thousands of people from every part of the world. My experience is that something new is happening: […]

meet in friendship

God-willing I will again this year make it to the Rimini Meeting for friendship among peoples. It is difficult to describe the gathering which annually draws around 700.000 visitors over a week in August each year. Simply, I would suggest that if a meeting were advertised to focus on church, religion, doctrine, faith, and salvation […]

Babette’s Feast

At dinner last night, the conversation at our table turned to the movies that each of us would place on our personal list of top-ten films. The prompting for the movie chat was the need to choose a movie to watch as a break from study last evening. Among others, I mentioned the 1987 Danish […]

happy St. Patrick’s

When most people think of St. Patrick’s day they think of the saint who freed Ireland of snakes. Many people celebrate this day wearing green and enjoying good Irish music, Guinness and dancing at an Irish pub. Such a celebration is great. I enjoy the music and Guinness even if I am not wearing green. But it is easy […]

Luigi Giussani

Over the next couple of days, many thousands of communities around the world will celebrate Masses to mark the ninth anniversary of the death of Fr. Luigi Giussani. In the early 1950’s in Italy the young priest Giussani was struck by the abyss that seemed to exist between faith (as understood by many people) and […]

a new year of faith

For the thirteen months of the Year of Faith, this Icon of Mary the Mother of the Church has travelled the parishes and schools of the diocese of Christchurch. The icon was commissioned by Bishop Barry Jones for the diocese of Christchurch and written by the studio of St. John the Baptist in Auckland, New Zealand. The Icon received a […]

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