There’s nothing like good conversation to refocus the mind and the heart. Yesterday I had one such conversation which focussed me again on what is real. A couple of hours after my friend and I were chatting Pope Francis on the other side of the world gave his weekly address to the crowds gathered in […]

what next ?

Yesterday we met Peter. Today we meet Judas. It may be that these two men were similar in many ways. Certainly they had both said yes to Christ and spent three years as his disciples leaving everything to follow him. They were both numbered among the closest friends of Jesus and were a part of […]

meet Peter

I have a deep affection for St. Peter. I think I understand him well and I have a strong sense that he gets me too. This is why as a teenager I chose Peter as my confirmation name. What do I mean by my affection for and understanding of Peter? Last year on a visit […]

walking on water

I landed in Rome early last Monday afternoon and early Tuesday morning arrived at St. Peter’s basilica just before it opened at 7. It’s a great time to visit the basilica, early morning, an hour or two before the tourists overtake the pilgrims who arrive early for the first Masses of the day. After vesting […]

just give all !

Thinking about Peter and Paul, and martyrs, and getting ready for this Sunday when we will hear Jesus saying that no-one who prefers another to me is worthy of me. The only way we can truly live is when we live before all else, with Jesus Christ. Every other relationship and activity flows from this […]

you raise me up

During the week I met a young priest new to New Zealand and on loan to the Christchurch diocese. On of his tasks of that morning had been to write the reflection for his parish newsletter for this Sunday. I was interested and he shared it with me. I was inspired. In a most captivating […]

  • a new thingWhen I am leading a session I often discourage those [...]
  • come with meHidden in the heart of today’s Office of Readings is [...]
  • power-full prayerMount Carmel was a significant place for the prophets of Israel [...]
  • hope in sufferingPerhaps it was being in the presence of so many [...]
  • "Thanks Fr John, very thought provoking, my current"
  • "For Bishop Grimes that must have been a hard call,"
  • "We were at Cardiff Castle yesterday and saw the ti"