saints today

A brief video reflection on earthquakes, church building and the call to live the life of a saint from the basilica of St. Francis in Assisi. Pilgrims come to this place from all over the world to visit the town where Francis lived, and site of his burial above which this basilica was built.

saint & sinner

I am always saddened when well-known people are pushed into the headlines for inappropriate behaviour. Fifty years ago no one would have known, but today every word and action, every text and email is open to the biases and fears of public scrutiny. One of the tragic elements is that it is often clear that […]

Patrick’s day

When most people think of St. Patrick’s day they think of the saint who freed Ireland of snakes. Many people celebrate this day wearing green and enjoying good Irish music, Guinness and dancing at an Irish pub. Such a celebration is great. I enjoy the music and Guinness even if I am not wearing green. But it is easy […]

skype & sun & rain

Many readers will remember Pope John Paul’s visit to New Zealand in November 1986. I had been ordained as a priest just twelve months earlier, and because our Christchurch diocese had no deacons, I served as a deacon for the pope’s Mass. It meant that for two hours I was alongside him at the altar, […]

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  • "For Bishop Grimes that must have been a hard call,"
  • "We were at Cardiff Castle yesterday and saw the ti"