Cathedral Stations

As the two Christchurch cathedrals rest in ruins we are aware of the glorious temples that we have lost. These great buildings served to raise the mind and heart to God. For so many decades they housed life’s liturgies. Now they serve to remind us of human vulnerability and the reality of death.

But for the Christian, death is never an end; rather a transition into life. This Resurrection reality is the heart of the Lenten journey and the foundation of our faith.

The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament’s journey of The Way of the Cross with Llew Summers’ Stations of the Cross and Bernadette Hall’s reflections is a vivid and inspiring guide with images of each of the 14 stations, reflections, and a brief history of the Cathedral accompanied by photos of the Cathedral.

$25.00 from Cathedral House 03 366 9869



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