crooked lines

For these daily reflections I always double-check that I am posting the right reflection based on the right gospel on the right day. On Wednesday night I triple-checked Thursday morning’s reflection and confident that all was in order I uploaded it ready for the early morning auto-email to readers.

At Mass yesterday morning when the lector began to read the scriptures I realised that I had mixed the days up and yesterday’s reflection on shaking the dust was not based on the gospel of the day. I’m not sure how, but it was prepared for another gospel.

Just one of my many mistakes yesterday. Thanks to those of you who gently pointed out my error.

The scriptures are full of people making mistakes. Today’s first reading begins the great saga of Joseph (remember the amazing technicolour dreamcoat).

This section of Genesis tells of Joseph’s (step)-brothers wanting to get rid of their father’s favourite son and selling him to slavery in Egypt. The account that follows is one of the greatest tales of human history, a story that children love and adults find liberating: from famine Joseph’s father Jacob sending his sons down to Egypt to find food, Joseph reuniting with his brothers and the group of them setting up home in Egypt, then becoming unpopular because a new Pharoah (who did not know Joseph) feared that these Israelites were overtaking the country, Moses leading the people from captivity (after plagues) across the desert, through the parted Red Sea, Ten Commandments, to arrival in the Jerusalem land of milk and honey.  That’s the short version journey that .

In fact the whole of the scriptures is about human error and God’s loving response. That’s good news for people like me, to be reminded that God uses my mistakes to write straight with the crooked lines of my life. The things that we might label errors or slip-up’s are often used by God for God’s purposes.

As Jesus reminds his listeners quoting the scriptures in today’s gospel:

The stone that the builders rejected
has become the cornerstone;
by the Lord has this been done,
and it is wonderful in our eyes.

If you have children or grandchildren or Godchildren you might like to watch this video of the Joseph story with them:

7 Responses to "crooked lines"
  1. Was it a mistake, Fr John? Or was the Holy Spirit making a slight adjustment to human order? Yesterday’s reflection touched the heart-space of many, including me. Thank you.

  2. I really needed your reflection yesterday, Father. It helped me come to terms with something happening. Thank you and thank you Holy Spirit! God is good!

  3. Fr. John, during my day I became aware of dust and that needed to be shaken off. Was so appropriate for my day.

  4. Just thought of the scripture ‘Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.’ how often we need to remember that His ways are not ours, and although we ‘do our best’ sometimes being late for going somewhere puts you in the path of someone who needs your support or encouragement for their day, and like yesterday i can see that like me other readers were blessed by ‘shaking off the dust and moving forward’ . Thank you Lord for using Fr John to encourage our day.

  5. Yes! I too found yesterday’s Reflection very thought provoking for myself. I often find I can grow so much through my mistakes ……..

  6. I have just re read yesterdays reflection Fr John. I is powerful and needs to be reflected upon time and again as a guidance in decision making around the question ‘is it time to pass on the baton?’. Thank you also for todays reflection.

  7. The movie, of Joseph, showed me that the human emotion of jealousy, which is not good, can in the long run serve to bring about a great plan of God…..the formation of the 12 tribes of Israel….

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