mature faith

It’s the feast of St. Thomas today 3 July,  and an opportunity to reconsider the term “doubting Thomas.”

Thomas was not really a doubter. Instead he was an adult seeking the verification that all adults need if we are to truly believe.  A child will believe simply because someone they trust says it is so.  Adults need more.

Let’s take a moment to consider this…

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  1. Tomorrow I am on Staff Prayer at the onset of our school day.
    I have selected a static display and a poem by James K Baxter – ‘Lord Holy Spirit’ – it appears on my website page, “Simplicity & Ordinariness”, along with your “Food For Faith” pubication today.
    Your encouraging reflection today pertaining to St Thomas, Apostle, mirrors the depth of
    Baxter’s relationship with our ‘brother’, Jesus.
    Thank you for nurturing our gifts of faith, hope and love.
    God bless

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