Dec 9, 2021


The conclusion of today’s gospel reading caught my attention: they who have ears to hear, let them listen.

Our physical senses connect us with the world that surrounds us. We see, we touch, we taste, we smell and we hear.

However we know too that these physical senses can also invite us to a deeper reality. Just as we have physical senses we also have deeper spiritual senses which are the window to the life of the soul.

Ignatius of Loyola in his Spiritual Exercises invites us to use our physical senses in prayer as a way of becoming more sensitive to the voice of Jesus, an invitation to hear with the ears of the heart and to see with the vision of faith, moving beyond our own blinkered perceptions and fear-filled prejudices to truly hear his voice, receive his gaze and to experience his touch.

In this most sensible of methods we soon fine that we are living more deliberately and abundantly.

You might like to…

  • make a point over the next few hours of noticing your physical senses. What can you see, touch, taste, hear and smell. Then add a question inviting Jesus to speak to you, asking what can i really really see? What can I really really touch? What can I really really hear…

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