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Mar 29, 2022


One of the first things I remember learning in primary school geography was that human settlements were often established where there were rivers.

Rivers enabled and supported life and provided easy movement to settlements downstream, then to the ocean and, for the more adventurous, over seas.

The bubbling healing waters at the Bethesda pools in Jerusalem were a gathering place for those who sought healing and today’s first reading reminds me of my form one geography class: “wherever the water flows, it will bring life and health”.

Most Food For Faith readers don’t have to work too hard to find clean and healthy water since taps throughout the house provide all we need.

But perhaps in our “civilised” and “developed” world, with easy access to much that our ancestors had to plan and work for, we overlook many other things we need in order to live happily and healthily.

In the same way as the people in today’s scriptures placed themselves at life-giving and healing waters, we people seeking to grow in faith will carefully consider and wisely choose the environments in which we place ourselves.

The wise will avoid places and entertainments that (and people who) might not help us to grow in faith.

Instead let’s choose environments and company which lead us to more abundant living.



  1. If you don’t live by a stream with clean drinking water and you have a roof over your head you can save the rain God sends. After all, we all know that God controls the weather.

  2. In this post Christian Era combined with knowing that so many rivers around the globe are in peril it’s time to consider carefully indeed. The beautiful first reading which links so powerfully with Jesus’s self identification as Living Water to the woman at the well speaks volumes. Ditto the man in todays gospel.

    • Reminds me of the song ‘The River’, Father John once shared.
      To the river
      I am going
      Bringing sins I cannot bear
      Come and cleanse me
      Come forgive me
      Lord I need to meet you there…

  3. Living rurally, we had to make sure we would have water by installing a water tank, lagging the pipes, installing a pump. In the same way we prepare for the life bringing and life changing nourishment of God by “installing” prayer, love and acceptance.


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