Apr 17, 2022


Consider the range of emotions that the disciples of Jesus moved through over the days of his final suffering and his crucifixion and resurrection. Such extremes of feeling cannot be imagined or pondered with disinterest. They must be experienced.

And experience is the key to understanding the Holy Week–Easter event since Christian Faith is not primarily an historical religion.

Yes, Christianity did begin with a real historical event: God became human in Jesus (the Incarnation). In Jesus God lived and breathed, he walked and worked. He loved and was loved. He was hated and he suffered. Jesus was put to death as a criminal.

These were all actual historical events.

But with the Easter event in which God raises Jesus from death we celebrate Jesus Christ as a living and present event.  Jesus is for us today a real and living presence able to be experienced and verified in our own experience today.

What does this mean, to speak of Jesus as living and present, a contemporary experience?

In our own lives we have experienced death. We have also experienced life.

There are days when we feel like death and we cannot see the way ahead. Anxiety and depression threaten to overwhelm us. The nights can be long. We lie awake in interminable darkness. This feels like death and our darkness entombs us.

And then, at last, comes dawn.

Now that we are celebrating Easter the church gives us eight Easter Sundays in a row, the Octave of Easter. 

I’m happy that we have this Easter Octave since I need all the help I can get to digest the impact of the resurrection of Jesus in my life today.

So these daily FFF reflection will continue fo this Easter week, concluding next Sunday.

You might like to join me in making this Easter week a form of “retreat in daily life” taking time for prayer, perhaps ten minutes two or three times each day of this week.

I know that Jesus, risen and present, will not miss the opportunity to work miracles for those who seek Him in this week.

Image above:
Ria Bancroft

Tabernacle Doors from Cathedral of Blessed Sacrament, Christchurch




  1. I look forward to “retreat” this week with you, thank you.

    • Amen Gods blessing on you Father John blessed Easter to you thank you for your inspiration look forward to 8next week

  2. He is Lord
    He is Lord
    He has risen from the dead and He is Lord
    Every knee shall bend
    Every tongue confess
    That Jesus Christ is Lord

    Happy Easter everyone

  3. Thank you Father John for these thought provoking reflections. They have helped me to experience Lent in a deeper way and led me to the resurrection of Jesus not only for us but in us. In me!

  4. I have enjoyed reading and contemplating the daily reflections they have made my Lenten journey more meaningful Thankyou.

  5. A blessed Easter John and each and all.

    I am struck by a phrase in morning prayer “glad earth shouts in triumph”

    May that be true for Ukraine… and our damaged earth…


  6. Happy Easter Fr John and thank you for FFF. Lately I have been sending it on to my Presbyterian friend.

  7. Happy & blessed Easter Fr John – your FFF has been my daily Lenten inspiration- thank you

  8. ‘Ineed all the help I can to digest the impact of the resurrection of Jesus in my life today ‘ These words spoke to my heart Fr John so looking forward to having a daily retreat this Easter week .Thank you and blessings.

  9. Happy happy Easter Father John, and a blessed Easter week ahead, thank you for your wisdom and teaching over the weeks of Lent

  10. Thankyou Father John for your “care” through food for faith this Lent. It has uplifted my spirits and to attend a Mass on Easter Sunday with fellow parishioners was the “icing on the cake.” God Bless you.


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