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Apr 1, 2022


Today is widely marked as April Fool’s Day and already social media is flowing with some ingenious pranks.

Laughter is a great gift, and most of us do not indulge enough. The Bible speaks of humour and laughter often. Pope Francis’ sense of humour is spontaneous and contagious.

Pope Benedict also has a great sense of humour and he spoke about this a few years ago in an interview:

“I’m not a man who constantly thinks up jokes. But I think it’s very important to be able to see the funny side of life and its joyful dimension and not to take everything too tragically. I’d also say it’s necessary for my ministry. A writer once said that angels can fly because they don’t take themselves too seriously. Maybe we could also fly a bit if we didn’t think we were so important.”  Peter Seewald Interview

Humour and laughter is a gift that is seen in babies and young children. It is as if they have not yet unlearned the ability to live this gift, and to use it often. Most of us take life and ourselves too seriously. We forget that laughter is the best medicine.

Recently Pope Francis admitted that he prays every day for the ability to laugh, and suggested a prayer by St. Thomas More to be granted a sense of humour.

Francis added that he has recommended this prayer to the members of the Roman Curia – implying that they often take themselves far too seriously.

Prayer for Good Humour
by St. Thomas More

Grant me, O Lord, good digestion,
and also something to digest.
Grant me a healthy body,
and the necessary good humour to maintain it.
Grant me a simple soul
that knows to treasure all that is good
and that doesn’t frighten easily
at the sight of evil,
but rather finds the means
to put things back in their place.
Give me a soul
that knows not boredom,
grumblings, sighs and laments,
nor excess of stress,
because of that obstructing thing called “I.”
Grant me, O Lord,
a sense of good humour.
Allow me the grace
to be able to take a joke
to discover in life a bit of joy,
and to be able to share it with others.



  1. This prayer is going on my fridge! Thank you!

  2. Love this! Thank you!
    Also thanks so much for the reflections to bring me closer to God during lent!

  3. 1.4.22
    Happy birthday!! Thanks for the prayer for good humour! I loved it. Pasifika people have this special gift. We always laugh and jokes when we gather. Despite the poverty we experienced in life; we can still laugh and enjoy the company of others and still help one another whatever we have, thanks be to God. I’m glad I’ve had a share of this very special gift…..and it helps to sustain life even when the going gets tough in the rough seas! Have a good day.

  4. Thankyou. Love the humble yet powerfully little prayer.

  5. There wouldn’t be a day that I don’t have a good laugh even if it is at some silly thing that I did. A laugh or two can make a sad person happy and I find this when I visit people in Rest Homes.

  6. Amen to laughter. I must not take myself too seriously. A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. Proverbs 17:22.


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