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just follow

It is significant that the disciples had already worked hard all night. They would have been tired and hungry and ready for a sleep. But it was precisely when all their human efforts had brought no results that they were open to divine power…(Read More)

following desire

In every moment, any human is motivated by attraction, or by resistance. Those who are beginners in life’s journey simply go with attraction and act against whatever they consider to be distasteful…(Read More)

just chatting

I was on the road very early this morning, soon after 6. As I flicked through radio channels I happened to hear the word “Mass” as one of the morning hosts on a popular Christchurch station was talking about how she was rostered on the children’s liturgy yesterday but couldn’t get her car…(Read More)

just intolerable

It is clear from gospel evidence that the presence of Jesus on earth two thousand years ago was not a comfortable presence for many of those who encountered him. While the humble and publicly needy were lifted up by his mercy and embrace, the powerful and proud were crushed by his challenges to them and…(Read More)

just do it

In a couple of hours I will celebrate the Vigil Mass for the Fourth Sunday of the season of Advent. Since last Tuesday evening when we priests of the diocese of Christchurch gathered with Bishop Barry for our annual Advent celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation together, I have been reflecting a lot on the…(Read More)


We are slow to learn that violence can never deliver the peace we seek…(Read More)

facing entanglement

Saints are not recognised for their passionless lack of obvious sins, but because of the transparency with which they face the entanglements of life…(Read More)


You might like to try reading through the Gospel of Luke and then pick up the Acts of the Apostles which continues where the Gospel of Luke leaves off…(Read More)


Keep Thou my feet; I do not ask to see the distant scene; one step enough for me…(Read More)

hopeful endurance

None of us likes to suffer, but on reflection we do know that at times we have had the maturity and the patience to endure times of difficulty knowing it is the only pathway to a greater reward…(Read More)

it’s not magic

There is a tendency to see prayer as an incantation recited in the hope of magically causing a response. But magic is not what we want. It’s relationship with God that we are seeking…(Read More)

yes but

We might even justify our resistance by suggesting that if we keep on with our current projects for a bit longer we will be able to give Him much more in the future…(Read More)

National Vocations Awareness Week resources for Sunday Masses 4 August 2019 & the week following. prepared Fr. John O’Connor Acting Director, National Liturgy Office. Aotearoa, New Zealand.”>   Parish Newsletter reflection Notice for parish newsletter Intercession Prayer Parish Newsletter quotations (for use…(Read More)


The disciples do not feel abandoned. They do not consider Jesus to have disappeared far away into an inaccessible heaven. They are obviously convinced of a new presence of Jesus…(Read More)

it is the Lord

I like the ordinariness of the question. Jesus asks them not about their level of faith and love (that will come soon) but about fishing…(Read More)