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living the storm

The storm exposes our vulnerability and uncovers those false and superfluous certainties around which we have constructed our daily schedules, our projects, our habits, and priorities…(Read More)


I’m a great fan of indulgence and I know that in these lockdown days the temptation is to over-indulge in one or many of the good options available…(Read More)

hidden things

I’m writing this at the end of the first NZ lockdown day and I can already see that my life could become dangerously undisciplined…(Read More)

counting blessings

In these weeks we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn to live without the compulsive busyness and idol-worship that usually fills our days…(Read More)

survive or thrive

The reality of living in lockdown hits home for New Zealander’s today and we accept this because we are willing to do everything we can in order to stop the spread of this terrible virus…(Read More)

getting real

This post is not for everyone and I have no doubt that some people will be upset with the thoughts I’m about to offer…(Read More)

rethinking Lent

The games we play with projects and goals, success, ambition and achievement are powerless to deliver the stability and happiness that they promise…(Read More)

confident hope

While the visible present fear is a biological virus, the fact is that we humans face fear every day…(Read More)

on our knees

Who needs God (we think)? We can achieve all we need on our own. And then a completely unexpected event brings us back to earth. We are grounded. We are on our knees…(Read More)

first things first

In my class with the seminarians this morning I reflected on the importance of keeping perspective. Then I left the class and lost perspective completely…(Read More)

loving fathers

In these Coronavirus days there is a strong sense of shared uncertainty and fear. I had a video meeting yesterday with several friends in Italy, each in isolation in their own homes…(Read More)

living law

Perhaps the most tragic misunderstanding of Christian faith is to think that it’s all about rules and regulations. This is a reduction of faith to moralism and legalism…(Read More)

truth speakers

There are people who may have the interior discernment and wisdom of the prophet, but they lack the courage to speak the truth…(Read More)

hello brother

We know, in solidarity with our Muslim sisters and brothers, that our only hope is in God. Our only hope is in God…(Read More)

mature freedom

As a person grows up and becomes emancipated, they wants to liberate themselves from this submission and become free and adult…(Read More)