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The bronze sculpture above will be recognised by many as the magnificent tabernacle doors from the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament. These doors made by the Christchurch Sculptor Ria Bancroft, and since the earthquake which destroyed the cathedral in 2011 the doors along with many of the other Cathedral treasures have been in safe keeping…(Read More)


It is Holy Saturday today, and on this day the sacraments of the church are not celebrated until tonight when we celebrate the Easter Vigil, the ultimate liturgy of the Church year. Holy Saturday is a day of waiting. The memory of the suffering and death of Jesus commemorated yesterday is uppermost in our minds…(Read More)

Good Friday

There is one moment in the year when  Christians around the world gather at the same hour, 3.00pm on Good Friday for the celebration of the Lord’s Passion. This is one of the best attended liturgies in the year and it surprises and encourages me that people continue to come to this liturgy…(Read More)

the Triduum

These three days, from Holy Thursday evening until the Saturday evening Vigil of Easter, are at the heart of our life as Christians and therefore the core of our human existence. An Invitation   I find it helpful to live these three days, the Triduum, as days of retreat. You will probably be fully occupied…(Read More)

what next ?

Yesterday we met Peter. Today we meet Judas. It may be that these two men were similar in many ways. Certainly they had both said yes to Christ and spent three years as his disciples leaving everything to follow him. They were both numbered among the closest friends of Jesus and were a part of…(Read More)

meet Peter

I have a deep affection for St. Peter. I think I understand him well and I have a strong sense that he gets me too. This is why as a teenager I chose Peter as my confirmation name. What do I mean by my affection for and understanding of Peter? Last year on a visit…(Read More)

Chrism Mass

This week In every diocese of the world bishops will call together the people and priests of the diocese to celebrate the Chrism Mass. Traditionally this Mass has been celebrated on the morning of Holy Thursday, but in recent decades to enable a greater number of people to take part the Chrism Mass is often…(Read More)

the crowd

At this weekend’s liturgy we spend more time than usual listening to the scriptures. There’s an extra gospel reading right at the beginning of Mass with the palm procession recalling Jesus triumphant entry to Jerusalem. The crowds were welcoming Jesus spreading a palm carpet before him and hailing him as a great king…(Read More)

Palm Sunday

It’s Palm Sunday this weekend, the day that marks the end of Lent and the beginning of Holy Week. You will notice in the Palm Sunday gospel that people are shouting in praise of Jesus and laying palm branches as a carpet of welcome for him as he enters Jerusalem. Have you ever considered…(Read More)


I wonder how you would define “blasphemy?” I had what I thought was a pretty good understanding, and then I read today’s gospel reading which gave me a much clearer definition. Most of us might define blasphemy as the taking of the Lord’s name in vain. We know that we must not do…(Read More)

never 2 L8 4 God

Today’s first reading continues the Abraham story from verse 3 of Genesis chapter 17. It’s a shame that verse 1 has been omitted since it contains a significant detail: “When Abram was ninety-nine years old, the Lord appeared to him and said…” The age detail is important because when someone is 99…(Read More)


With my new appointments I am appreciating the opportunity to be available for group reflection sessions. After a couple of sessions last week in one Christchurch parish last night I was in another (reflecting on prayer and discernment) and I have a lunch-time reflection session today with a Christchurch combined parishes group. I’ll…(Read More)

“I AM” not I was

Many people who received Christian baptism as children today have little contact with the worship and life of their faith community. Their absence is a great loss for the church. But the greater sadness is that many of these people think that they are also distant from God. This is not true. God is always…(Read More)

for fathers

I took this picture a few years ago at Los Angeles Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. The carving is of St. Joseph with a young Jesus. It is a rare and powerful portrayal of a delightful moment in this father-son relationship. Today we celebrate the feast of St. Joseph, the father of…(Read More)

the rich earth

Last night at the Vigil Mass the priest used the line: “no one gets out of life alive.” It is a sobering thought and a fact. It’s the kind of fearsome one-liner that fire and brimstone sermons once relished but thanks be to God last night the priest was much more gentle and…(Read More)