into great silence

October 6, 2020

In 1984, German filmmaker Philip Gröning wrote to the Carthusian order for permission to make a documentary about them. They said they would get back to him. Sixteen years later, they were ready…

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mature faith

July 3, 2020

Thomas was not a doubter. Instead he was an adult seeking the verification that all adults need if we are to truly believe…

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schools & education

January 28, 2020

As staff and students in New Zealand prepare to begin the 2020 school year here’s a thought on the purpose of education, and a reflection on prayer in schools…

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January 16, 2020

In gratitude to Roger Scruton for his work, and as a prayer for his eternal experience of the fulness of beauty, I share one of his best-known video teachings…

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a cathedral teaches

January 13, 2020

There is an old adage that we build our buildings and then our buildings build us. This is most true of a Catholic church…

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love in diversity

December 25, 2019

Instead of wondering whether diverse opinions and practices are right or wrong or is this or that expression of love appropriate, there needs to be another question…

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December 22, 2019

The Opening Prayer of today’s Mass for the Fourth Sunday of Advent is the concluding prayer of the “Angelus…

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just giving

December 13, 2019

I’ve been a part of a few great end-of-year gatherings in recent weeks and there’s always some great conversations…

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Bono & Jesus

November 7, 2019

With U2 playing in Auckland this weekend I’m appreciating the opportunity to savour not only their music but also some of Bono’s inspiring interviews…

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two great lights

July 20, 2019

Fifty years on you can’t miss how these astronauts were moved by what they were experiencing, and we can’t help being moved by the same beauty…

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sleeping alone

July 12, 2019

While loneliness is a painful reality, it is most often the result of grasping at and attaching to things, projects and people we mistakenly think will bring us happiness…

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Pentecost prep

June 6, 2019

It’s Pentecost this weekend. The presence of the Holy Spirit with us in every breath gives us hope in every daily decision…

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how to lose power

June 3, 2019

“The real question is not about how to gain power, but how to lose power” says Jean Vanier in this 3.5 minute clip. Then take note too what he says about meetings…

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