woman of faith

December 26, 2013

Twelve months ago after seeing Queen Elizabeth’s 2012 Christmas Message, I uploaded the clip adding that this was the reflection of a woman of faith. This year, sixty years after her coronation, she remains a woman of strong Christian…

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how unexpected

December 23, 2013

The Christian community often struggles to be an effective communicator of the heart of the life of Faith. Thanks to St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Auckland who in this brief and brilliant Christmas clip get a 10 out of…

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turn to what is real

December 22, 2013

In the middle of the nineteenth century, much of New Zealand was divided into large runs of land for cropping and sheep farming. One of these stations was “Cheviot Hills” and that is where we are today to remind us…

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letting go

December 22, 2013

Have you ever heard a well-intentioned speaker talking of the life of faith as a journey of ‘letting go’.  Were their examples motivated by fear, or by the attraction of love?  Click on the image below for a reflection…

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Rublev’s Trinity

December 15, 2013

Are you coping, surviving, existing or enduring? Or are you really living? You will find this reflection especially interesting if you are familiar with Rublev’s Trinity icon, or if you are simply desiring to live in the heart of…

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social networking

November 27, 2013

Archbishop Vincent Nichols, Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, England, has cautioned people who use social networking excessively. In response TVONE’s breakfast programme sought local comment and broadcast this interview. TVONE Breakfast: Social Networking Sites. &nbsp…

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bridging the gap

May 26, 2013

Most of us, much of the time, feel a distance between ourselves and God. It is commonly understood that the task of the human is to climb to to God, to ascend to heaven. What we forget is that God…

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March 30, 2013

He is risen indeed – Alleluia.     An opportunity to reflect on the significance of Easter; not simply an historical event, not a mere resuscitation of a body, but an earth-shattering event which transforms suffering into a hope-filled journey,…

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Holy Week

March 24, 2013

A guide to the journey of Holy Week, from Palm Sunday, to the liturgies of the Triduum, to the Celebration of the Resurrection of the Lord. You might consider this week as a form of ‘retreat in daily life’ through…

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Autumn and Lent

March 20, 2013

In the southern hemisphere, Lent coincides with the season of Autumn. While liturgical theology commonly uses the northern hemisphere seasons to communicate the high points in the Church year, the southern arrangement of an Autumn Lent can also work very…

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Church continues

March 16, 2013

This clip was filmed just a few hours after the election of Pope Francis, March 2013.  This is certainly a new moment in the life of the Church, but popes come and go – and the life of the Holy…

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Legacy of Benedict

February 28, 2013

Pope Benedict has brought a new style and manner to the papacy. Whereas earlier popes quoted only Saints and orthodox theologians, Pope Benedict in his significant written works is willing to quote anyone and everyone who brings intelligent thought and…

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