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ad multos annos

A great day of meeting and celebration today (and tomorrow) for priests of the Christchurch diocese with our first clergy AGM with Bishop Paul Martin. Our priests’ meetings always begin with fifteen minutes of silent prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. The afternoon sessions also begin with this time of silent prayer. During the day many…(Read More)

God’s Dwelling

This week Bishop Barry Jones of the diocese of Christchurch New Zealand has published a substantial document God’s Dwelling Place to help parishioners of the diocese to appreciate the importance of Catholic Church architecture in forming our faith.  This document will guide the rebuild of a number of churches destroyed by the 2010-2011…(Read More)


Today is a day of great celebration for our Catholic Diocese of Christchurch as three young men are ordained deacons at in St. Mary’s pro-Cathedral. Everyone is welcome to attend, you don’t need an invitation, but here is the information below. If you are able to be there I know…(Read More)

the pointer

My paternal grandfather knew his way around the night sky. In New Zealand, the Southern Cross is the most sought-after constellation.  I remember my grandfather showing me this cross, and also pointing out the “Pointers”, the two stars that indicate the Southern Cross. Many artistic representations of John the Baptist show him as a…(Read More)

a life of value

When did you last encourage someone to consider that God might be calling them to serve as a priest? This Sunday (“Good Shepherd Sunday”, Fourth Sunday of Easter) is celebrated throughout the Church as Vocations Sunday. In a real sense, every Sunday of the year is a day of focus on the Christian vocation to…(Read More)


As it nears 100 issues the Inform magazine of the Catholic diocese of Christchurch continues to be popular. Last Sunday Hurunui parishioners were happy to collect the Spring September issue focussing on news and events from around the diocese. You can read it online at Inform, September 2014…(Read More)

Inform (Dec ’13)

The December issues of the Christchurch Diocesan magazine “Inform” arrived this afternoon, so I made a coffee and sat in the garden to savour the Faithfest photos. You can read Inform online by tapping on the image below. You can pick up a hardcopy at any Christchurch diocese parish this weekend…(Read More)

ChCh Diocese Faithfest

Today the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch celebrated the end of the Year of Faith. These images from this morning’s Mass celebrating the Feast of Christ the King speak more vividly than words could. As more photos become available I will upload them. Thanks to John Saywell for these photos…(Read More)