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listen in the car

I rarely get the opportunity to read as much as I would like to. I have a stack of books and articles waiting to be read both in my office and  piled beside the bed. However technology offers easy access to talking books and podcasts that I listen to as I drive. Many video presentations…(Read More)

disarming beauty

Too often we see Christian faith presented as and reduced to moralistic and legalistic adherence to cultural norms and moral ideals. However our experience of life with Jesus is that of an encounter with something, no someONE much more, a relationship with the divine who satisfies all human desire and gives meaning to the life…(Read More)

weekend reading

I thought readers might appreciate some inspiring weekend reading. Recently Fr Julian Carron’s book Disarming Beauty was published in English. It’s release is timely as we Christians wonder if we have lost the battle of faith in the midst of contemporary challenges. Fr. Carron reminds us of the original attractiveness of the disarmed…(Read More)