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new Hurunui era

I want to share with Food For Faith readers a great grace, a sign of hope that I experienced this weekend in the Catholic community of the Hurunui. We are a small community, with around 80 people spread over four or five Sunday Masses (depending on the Sunday of the month). Some of our churches…(Read More)


A day in the life of a diocesan priest. All over the country today students and workers have been rejoicing at the week’s end: “Thank God it’s Friday”. It is just after 9pm and I have a few moments ago arrived back home to Hawarden after a full and satisfying day. Early this…(Read More)

the bulletin

Most parishes have a weekly parish bulletin. The bulletin for the Catholic Parish Parish of the Good Shepherd, Hurunui, New Zealand is uploaded every Saturday to the parish website at  Click on the “newsletter” tab. To read previous newsletters try the “newsletter archive” tab on the top right of the newsletter page…(Read More)

a Saturday…

The Catholic communities of the Hurunui district are small and spread around a large rural hinterland. Since my arrival in the parish just over three years ago the three parishes have been reformed into one new parish of the Good Shepherd. This has been a challenging and necessary amalgamation, and we are beginning to see…(Read More)