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get up

Today’s gospel is one of Jesus’ best known parables. The account, usually named the Prodigal Son, is really about the loving father. That change of name is an important shift if we want to appreciate what Jesus is teaching us: it’s really about God, not about us. The problem with this parable being…(Read More)

crooked lines

For these daily reflections I always double-check that I am posting the right reflection based on the right gospel on the right day. On Wednesday night I triple-checked Thursday morning’s reflection and confident that all was in order I uploaded it ready for the early morning auto-email to readers. At Mass…(Read More)

the God of mercy

Meeting the God of mercy in the Year of Mercy. It would be a great tragedy if all that we did during this Year of Mercy was to speak more about mercy and to be more merciful to others. Take a few minutes to watch this video clip and see that something more is essential…(Read More)

God’s “I.D.”

“Mercy is God’s identity card.” A few hours ago in Rome Pope Francis new book was launched. It is entitled: “The Name of God is Mercy.” Thanks be to God, and to the digital age, within minutes of the launch I was able to begin reading it on Kindle. It is immediately captivating and…(Read More)

Jubilee of Mercy

Food For Faith returns to YouTube this week with a five-minute video reflection to begin the Year of Mercy…(Read More)

another way

Here in Chicago it is soon before bedtime on the evening of the feast of Saints Peter and Paul. I had the privilege of presiding at today’s community liturgies, Morning and Evening Prayer, and Mass. Over the past few days I have been pondering the homily for the feast, what to say, there is…(Read More)

just do it

In a couple of hours I will celebrate the Vigil Mass for the Fourth Sunday of the season of Advent. Since last Tuesday evening when we priests of the diocese of Christchurch gathered with Bishop Barry for our annual Advent celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation together, I have been reflecting a lot on the…(Read More)