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jubilee homily

Bishop Paul Martin is happy to share his homily given last night at the priests’ jubilee celebration in the diocese of Christchurch.   There is something very fitting about the fact that today we are celebrating the feast of St Mary McKillop and also honouring our brother priests who are celebrating their 60, 50 and 25th…(Read More)

ordination music

And yet more savouring of Saturday’s ordinations. This time Ken Joblin who led the choir and orchestra inspiring the congregation to join in full voice shares with us 45 minutes of the music from the ordination Mass. Tap on the image of Ken and his team below to savour the beauty. &nbsp…(Read More)

ordination album

Here in the Christchurch diocese we are still savouring the inspirational celebration of last Saturday’s triple ordination. You can see the complete album by tapping on the image below. Peter Fleming was the official photographer for the celebration and he has generously offered his images here for sharing on Food For Faith. He also…(Read More)

faith & commitment

This afternoon’s diaconate ordination was a wonderful celebration of faith and commitment in this year of mercy as Cardinal John Dew emphasised in his homily. Cirilo, one of those ordained is from the Archdiocese of Wellington and three are from my home diocese of Christchurch: Alister, Graeme, and Huynh.  A great contingent from Christchurch…(Read More)

streaming live is branching out this week with our first live streaming. Four young men will be ordained as transitional deacons at Holy Cross Seminary, Auckland on Friday 23 September 2.30pm. Since this is our first attempt at live streaming there is a chance (just a slim possibility) that there might be…(Read More)

thirty years

Image above: sunrise over the Sea of Galilee Thirty years ago today I was ordained priest by Bishop Denis Hanrahan in the church of St. Thomas the Apostle in Timaru. I remember well my first formal meeting with Bishop Brian Ashby when I applied to enter seminary. He asked what kind of work I would…(Read More)

Fr. Jack O’Connor

This weekend marks the fiftieth anniversary of the ordination to priesthood of my uncle, and grand-Godfather (ie my Godmother’s Godfather), Fr Jack O’Connor. Earlier in the year family and friends gathered with parishioners to mark the day with Mass and food and drink with good company together. For fifty years as a…(Read More)

7 December 1985

I’m not going to miss the opportunity to remind blog readers to pray for me. Twenty-Eight years ago today I was ordained a priest, by Bishop Denis Hanrahan, in the Church of St. Thomas the Apostle, Timaru. Throughout these years I have kept on my desk the image of my ordination card. As…(Read More)