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family life

It was Fr. Robert Barron who set my homily thinking off this week in preparation for this Sunday’s feast of the Holy Family. In his Word on Fire homily for the feast (you can hear it at this link) he begins by asking what is it that make a family “holy”? There are many…(Read More)

heroic priesthood

I have been privileged over the past couple of months to live and study with some of the young priests who feature in a brief new video called “Heroic Priesthood.” Tap on the image below and take ten minutes to watch this encouraging and inspiring clip. In parish ministry I often hear older parishioners make…(Read More)


Since the release of the new movie “Noah” a few days ago, many Christian commentators have written negatively about the movie. It is encouraging therefore to read Fr. Robert Barron’s reflection: Fr. Robert Barron on NOAH, the movie and the movie trailer…(Read More)

R.E. Congress 2014

I am often inspired by the clarity, attractiveness and depth of Fr. Robert Barron’s reflections. This weekend  (13-16 March) he was a keynote speaker at the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Religious Education Congress. I guarantee that you won’t regret taking an hour to listen to this very significant and inspiring reflection on…(Read More)

sermon podcast

On this Food For Faith website I will soon be offering regular podcasts which you will be able to subscribe to and listen to on your phone while driving to work. I have experienced the value of such podcast subscriptions myself with Fr. Robert Barron’s weekly sermon podcasts. Because I have subscribed to these…(Read More)

a new year of faith

For the thirteen months of the Year of Faith, this Icon of Mary the Mother of the Church has travelled the parishes and schools of the diocese of Christchurch. The icon was commissioned by Bishop Barry Jones for the diocese of Christchurch and written by the studio of St. John the Baptist in Auckland, New…(Read More)

word on fire

It is Sunday evening and I have just arrived home after celebrating the last of the four Sunday Masses here in the Hurunui. I’m just about to pour a beer and have a quiet Sabbath evening. One of the great responsibilities for a priest is the preparation and preaching of the homily. Pope Francis…(Read More)

Francis & Barron

TIME magazine’s decision to name Pope Francis as the 2013 person of the year has met with widespread positive response. In this clip Fr Robert Barron offers a helpful reminder: there is no need to build up Pope Francis by turning against previous popes. Yes there is something welcome and timely in the approach…(Read More)