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love forgives

Over the two thousand years of Christian history the life-giving teachings of Jesus have too often been misrepresented and misunderstood. Some zealous Christians have routinely shifted the emphasis from what Jesus explicitly taught, to other teachings that may have more to do with the fears and agendas of preachers and teachers. Sadly Catholics have…(Read More)

about sin

After a long week I’ve made it to Friday afternoon. No doubt your week has been full and (in the opening words of the Constitution on the Church in the Modern World) there will have been joys, hopes, griefs and anxieties. In recent days I have seen and experienced the good and the bad…(Read More)

just do it

In a couple of hours I will celebrate the Vigil Mass for the Fourth Sunday of the season of Advent. Since last Tuesday evening when we priests of the diocese of Christchurch gathered with Bishop Barry for our annual Advent celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation together, I have been reflecting a lot on the…(Read More)