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on the road

The one who journeys with purpose is able to negotiate any obstacle. But the wanderer is forever rudderless, tossed by every whim of fashion in the sea of popular opinion…(Read More)

Thomas Merton

“I have no idea where I am going.I do not see the road ahead of me. I cannot know for certain where it will end. Nor do I really know myself, and the fact that I think that I am following your will does not mean that I am actually doing so…(Read More)

lost in grace

An interesting experience this weekend on the new Christchurch Belfast bypass road. GPS has not yet caught up with the fact that after several years of planning and construction the new motorway is open. Instead of following the road, my car’s GPS showed me driving without a road to drive on across farmland. (the…(Read More)

many storeys

Even fifty years after his untimely death, Thomas Merton remains one of the great Christian writers and teachers. In Christchurch we feel a special connection with him since his father Owen was a Christchurch-born New Zealand painter, and his grandparents (Alfred, born Rangiora, and Gertrude nee Grierson) are buried in Waimairi cemetery (ref this…(Read More)

with authority

a brief reflection on Sunday’s gospel reading. The Gospels record two main reactions to the presence and teaching of Jesus. Many of those who heard Jesus found his words and person to be attractive, irresistible even. It is clear that what he said resonated with something very deep inside each of them. Others were…(Read More)

Thomas Merton

Thank you to Bosco Peters, author of for his reminder this morning that on this day in 1968, Thomas Merton died. Merton books remain on best-seller lists not only in Christian circles, but also in airport bookstores. His vibrant awareness of the reality of Jesus Christ alive today, and his…(Read More)

Thomas Merton

born: 31 January 1915         died: 10 December 1968 One of the great spiritual classics of the twentieth century is Thomas Merton’s Seven Story Mountain. Within minutes of its publication in 1948 it became a best-seller, and one of the books most read by people who were seeking God both within and without the…(Read More)