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the Triduum

These three days, from Holy Thursday evening until the Saturday evening Vigil of Easter, are at the heart of our life as Christians and therefore the core of our human existence. An Invitation   I find it helpful to live these three days, the Triduum, as days of retreat. You will probably be fully occupied…(Read More)

these three days

This Holy Triduum beginning with this evening’s Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord’s Supper is at the heart of our Christian faith, and therefore at the centre of our human existence. So often we struggle to make sense of the joys, griefs, hopes and anxieties of every day, and in our confusion we…(Read More)

Holy Week Retreat

You might like to join me in considering this week from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday as a week of retreat in daily life. For a Christian, to retreat is not to run from reality. Instead a Christian retreatant is seeking to engage with the reality that is greater and therefore more real than much…(Read More)

Easter meaning

This entire weekend from Thursday to Monday is known throughout the world as the Easter break, but we Christians mark these Triduum days at a deeper level, knowing them to be the journey of the ultimate and life-giving events of the life of Jesus. On each of these three days Jesus gives meaning to…(Read More)

walking the walk

It is Holy Thursday morning. As I was at prayer this morning the sky became light and the sun rose above the horizon, a beautiful sunrise. Here was I contemplating entry to the Holy Week Triduum beginning with commemorating the Holy Thursday / Good Friday suffering and death of Jesus – and the sun rises.…(Read More)

this Holy Week

With the celebration of Palm Sunday this weekend we enter the Holy Week journey through suffering and death to the resurrection of Easter morning. In this brief clip I offer a thought on the significance of Holy Week and Easter, and introduce the central liturgies of the week ahead…(Read More)

Holy Week

A guide to the journey of Holy Week, from Palm Sunday, to the liturgies of the Triduum, to the Celebration of the Resurrection of the Lord. You might consider this week as a form of ‘retreat in daily life’ through the events at the heart of our Christian faith…(Read More)