breadth of life

May 4, 2019

This is the last of the three conversations with Vatican Astronomer Br. Guy Consolmagno SJ on his visit to Christchurch earlier in the week…

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stars & faith & life

May 3, 2019

Br. Guy went well beyond the expectations of these young people with profound reflections on life and love, hope and joy and discernment of life choices…

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the bigger picture

May 2, 2019

Here is the first of my conversations with Br. Guy Consolmagno SJ, Vatican Astronomer on his visit to Christchurch this week…

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liturgy alive

April 29, 2019

My liturgical formation began as a young child at Mass, watching, listening, noticing and questioning. Somewhere back then I picked up that the Mass was something that God was doing…

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locked doors

April 28, 2019

While a smaller side door was unlocked during daylight hours the view from the road proclaimed loudly “this church is closed…

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divine mercy

April 26, 2019

It is easy to be sceptical about an individual’s experience of Jesus. Perhaps this is because we do not trust our own personal experience of the power of God made known to us? Maybe we feel as though such…

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it is the Lord

April 26, 2019

I like the ordinariness of the question. Jesus asks them not about their level of faith and love (that will come soon) but about fishing…

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a new dawn

April 25, 2019

When we gain a free land we usually fall into captivity in other more insidious ways becoming prisoners to ideologies, to consumerism and capitalism and slaves to fashion, business and busy-ness…

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hope alive

April 23, 2019

Each of us is called to rediscover in the Risen Christ the one who rolls back from our heart the heaviest of stones.  So let us first ask: What is the stone that I need to remove, what is its…

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with Easter joy

April 21, 2019

Just as the earthquake shook the land at the moment of Jesus’ death, it was an earthquake that helped to bring our diocese to its knees nine years ago. This places us firmly with the first disciples of Jesus…

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the sign

April 20, 2019

… discreetly in a restaurant, or unashamedly before a meeting, a performance or in competition on the sports field…

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facing fear

April 19, 2019

We spend most of our lives running from death and the daily moments that feel deathly. We do our best to avoid such uncomfortable realities and expend time, energy and resources trying to avoid anything that hints at death…

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at table

April 18, 2019

In comparison with moralism, Christianity is something more and something different. Our activity, our moral capacity is not placed at the beginning…

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horizon shifting

April 17, 2019

In the minds of many stress has become fashionable and people who seem relaxed in the midst of daily demands are almost viewed with suspicion…

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a kneeling church

April 16, 2019

And so the church that once stood strong and militant marching in step has been brought to its knees. And in this humility we find ourselves where Christ needs us not standing proud, but humbly kneeling…

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