10 years

Jul 8, 2010

Today (Wednesday) was a day of celebration for the Liturgical Institute. Ten years ago (July 2000) the Institute was founded by Cardinal George of Chicago as a place of good liturgical formation.

Instead of our regular classes today, the day was given to an experience of the Institute’s programme for the introduction of the Revised Order of the Mass in the US. This programme is titled Mystical Body Mystical Voice. While NZ will introduce the revised Mass on the first Sunday of Advent this year (2010), it is expected that the United States will implement the changes to the texts of the Mass twelve months later. In Australia the changes are expected at Pentecost next year.

THere is helpful introductory material (especially the podcasts) on the Institute’s Mystical Body Mystical Voice website.

At the end of the day Mass was celebrated and followed by an anniversary banquet.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, the introduction of these revised texts provide an ideal opportunity for us to look at why we pray the words we pray in the way we pray them at Mass. In these months of preparation we have the opportunity to rediscover the beauty of the Mass.

This journey of rediscovery will require an intelligent participation on the part of every Catholic. I am committed to doing my part by providing (in whatever way I can …blog at the moment) good information and teaching for the people of OLV and Chatham Islands. But this is not a task that I will do alone. Today and tomorrow Carey Haines (OLV Liturgy Co-ordinator) and Dennis Currie (OLV Director of Music) are in Auckland at a national seminar led by Fr. Paul Turner. The information they receive from this session, and the contacts they make with others from around the country, will enable them to work with me to ensure that the parish of OLV makes the most of this opportunity to rediscover the beauty of the Mass.

When you see Carey or Dennis at Mass ask them how the seminar was. Give them the chance to share something of what they have learned with you!

Fr Paul Turner will also be speaking in Christchurch next week. If you can get to hear him don’t miss the chance.

The Internet gives an opportunity to learn easily at home from online dvd’s and articles. The clips from Monsignor James Moroney (ref yesterday’s blog) give a great introduction.


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