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Feb 14, 2021

Ten years ago Food For Faith began as a blog and has developed into an online mission that reaches several thousand people across the globe every day, especially during Lent and Advent.

We have worked to keep operating costs low, and your commitment to using the website and providing comments and prayer has kept us going and growing.

Now Food For Faith has become a charitable trust, managed by trustees who have a passion for the mission of providing nourishing food for the faith of all who seek to grow in maturity in relationship with Jesus Christ.

There are significant costs associated with the maintenance and growth of a digital mission including paying the tech experts. Some popular elements of the site are expensive to make for example a three minute video clip costs several hundred dollars to produce.

To enable Food For Faith to continue to develop I now ask for your financial support. 

You will know if your donation is eligible for a tax rebate. If you email when you make a donation I will send you a receipt.

Food For Faith Trust Account: 12-3142-0485211-00

Particulars: Surname, Initials     (e.g. Bloggs, J & M)

Code: FFF. Reference: Donation

International supporters will need this additional information:

Food For Faith Trust Account


ASB Bank Ltd

PO Box 35, Shortland Street Auckland 1140

New Zealand


Thank you. I am grateful for your support. Your generosity will enable this mission to develop.

In Christ



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