back in Italy

Late this morning I arrived back in Rome after the ten hour flight from Chicago. It is good to be back with the de la Salle brothers. A lot has happened since I was here last. There is a lot to be said for the intensive courses of the Liturgical Institute Summer. The daily four hours of class with an active community and prayer life was very good for me. Already I miss much of the rhythm of life that the forty of us shared together for those six week.

On the last night a few of us stayed in Chicago city. It was a great night and a chance to celebrate the satisfactory completion of the courses. Yesterday morning as we prepared to head to the airport a storm overwhelmed the city. As a result there were many hold-ups especially at security as crowds of people tried to get through to their flights. I remembered the first time I left NZ, flying was easy. No real security and no queues. Things are very different now and flying is no longer the pleasure it once was.

It’s been a long day. I’m off to bed.

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