foodforfaith – a new beginning

Dec 20, 2013

Over the last few years this foodforfaith blog has grown far beyond my original intentions and expectations. Several thousand people visit the foodforfaith blogger site every week, and our statistics show that most people spend a good amount of time reading several posts on each visit. Foodforfaith seems to be meeting a need.

Earlier this year I offered a few brief video clips on a variety of faith themes. The response to these was also positive. Many people have suggested an expansion of the project, and I have been open to this, but I don’t have the technological skills or ability to do this myself. Another suggestion is that we develop podcasts – five or ten minute encouragement and teaching that provides food for faith.  This will come next month.

It was Jason McTague who suggested the way to meet these requests, and now with his practical IT skills and resources, and with the support of Bishop Barry Jones, the Catholic Bishop of Christchurch, this new site is launched at

You may be reading this on the old blogger site. If so you might take a moment now to make the journey to the new site and continue to read this post there simply by tapping on

If you are reading this on the new site, welcome. We have tried to make the site as simple and predictable as possible. Our hope is that anyone with a screen (computer, ipad or smartphone) can easily navigate the three central sections of the site:

  1. READ.   This section of the site will be updated most regularly and is made up of written entries.
  2. WATCH.  Here you can view a selection of video clips providing food for your faith.
  3. LISTEN.  Nothing here yet – but watch this space. This section will provide foodforfaith podcasts.

The Home Button offers the map for the site with easy links to each of the three main sections, and to an attic where you can browse a variety of interesting  stuff – like you might on a rainy day in the attic of an old house.

As always, your comment and feedback is welcomed. We are still fine-tuning the site, and as you browse you might find broken links or others errors, and have suggestions. Please let us know!

Thank you for your continued prayer interest and support.



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