Babette’s Feast

At dinner last night, the conversation at our table turned to the movies that each of us would place on our personal list of top-ten films. The prompting for the movie chat was the need to choose a movie to watch as a break from study last evening. Among others, I mentioned the 1987 Danish Drama Babette’s Feast. While some at the table had not heard of the film, I was pleased that Fr. Liam Walsh OP, my teacher for this first three-week semester of study, was enthusiastic in his praise of the movie.

Late that evening when we gathered at the TV to download a movie we couldn’t find the film on any of the major movie websites and so gave up. This morning I discovered that it is freely available (in two parts) on Youtube.

I have seen the film several times and each time I appreciate new levels of meaning, especially highlighting the way we often reduce the beauty of life-giving faith, to a routine and often rigid adherence to rules.

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