St. Joe’s Papanui

It is almost four years since the most destructive of the Christchurch earthquakes. Recovery continues to be slow with some people still having to use portable bathroom facilities as they await insurance payouts. Thank you to the many people from other parts of New Zealand and around the world who continue to support us with financial assistance and prayer.

With seventeen of the churches of our Catholic diocese out of use or already demolished a significant percentage of the people of the diocese continue to worship in parish and school halls, and in churches generously loaned by other Christian communities.

The signs of destruction continue to confront the people of Christchurch throughout the city. This morning I drove past St. Joseph’s Church in Papanui in the midst of its last days with demolition well underway. (photos below).

The parish website has further information about the demolition including a couple of the speeches given at the Rite of Thanksgiving and Farewell. Note the speeches from Gary Lennon (note that the favourite church for his family is St. Raphaels of Hawarden) and Marie-Therese McRae.







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