crooked lines

In his video reflection on Sunday Christchurch Bishop-elect Paul Martin encouraged us to use the daily scriptures to guide us through Advent. These daily readings are available at this link.

Today’s scriptures remind us that God is not just another good human person, or even one being among many similar beings, but God is God, one who is both almighty and intimate, powerful yes, but always close and  loving, even when we have closed our lives to this divine presence. Our God is the one who seeks the one who feels lost.

Humans are more likely to follow logic and reason perhaps searching a bit for a lost sheep but certainly not leaving the rest of the flock to find the one.

God has a remarkable attraction to the one who feels lost, and this is good news for me since I am often the lost one…

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  1. Thanks Father John… God writing straight with my crooked lines…such a great image of my loving, caring, patient God.

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