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Earlier this month Jean Vanier celebrated his 90th birthday and shared his reflections in this fifteen minute video reflection offering “ten rules for life.”

He has given his life to service of the intellectually disabled with his L’Arche communities found throughout the world.

Jean Vanier is a wise man, a good man and a holy man, and I was happy to take time to listen to his advice.  In a couple of his pointers he addresses men in particular…

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  1. I have longed to meet Jean Vanier for many years … thank you for your remarkable gift, Father John.
    God bless you for the difference you make in our lives,

  2. The cellist Pablo Casals once said, “The main thing in life is not to be afraidto be human.” What a beautiful example of the wholeness of humanity we have in Jean Vanier.. He reveals that when people are fully human they are they are very close to God. This talk has been a feast that will give permanent nourishment.

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