the sin problem

A healthy awareness of personal sin is a great gift since this places us in right-relationship with the God who desires to meet us in our imperfect reality and so lead us into life.

Yesterday on the feast of St. Matthew Pope Francis put this well: “If you want to reach the heart of God, take the path of mercy, and let yourself be treated with mercy, keeping the memory that the Lord has had mercy on my sins and has chosen me to be a Christian, to be an apostle.” Pope Francis. 21 September 2018

While we might be aware of personal sin, the reality of “Original Sin” is a bit more difficult to understand. However we who seek to know ourselves and who are prepared to honestly face our reality can sense this original sin within ourselves as we wrestle with good and evil. In this reality we are aware of our inability to save ourselves. We need a saviour and thanks be to God, Jesus THE saviour is ready and eager to save us. We need only call to him.

This 15 minute podcast from Bishop Robert Barron is based on this Sunday’s liturgy readings and is well worth a listen. After you have listened you might like to comment sharing your thoughts.

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