leisure at last

It’s the weekend at the end of what has probably been a busy week. Do you ever find that you long for a break from the busyness of life, the weekend comes and goes, and on Monday you wake with the feeling that you need another weekend?

This might have something to do with us having un-learned the art of rest.

On at least a couple of occasions in recent years I have posted a video clip on the meaning of leisure. Many people have comment that they have found it very helpful so I share it again today.

Last century the well-respected German philosopher Josef Pieper wrote about this in his book Leisure: the basis of Culture.  Pieper suggests that our misguided belief that everything of value can be achieved through work has pretty much eliminated our culture’s ability to truly relax and to play.

Pieper reminds us that leisure is the basis of healthy human existence and therefore of a healthy culture.

An Invitation:

Take ten minutes to be inspired by this video clip. I guarantee it will change the way you want to use your leisure time.


10 Responses to "leisure at last"
  1. That was a great video, thank you Father. I have never really noticed that wonder is “insatiable” for humans, nor considered it a glimpse of the beatific vision. I should read some Aquinas.

  2. It is certainly true that we all need to relax more and have quiet times when we just enjoy the beauty of God’s creation and have time to contemplate. I believe that many people are caught up in work and always having to be busy. I have never understood this preoccupation with work and being busy, An interesting video.

  3. Sincere thank you Father for the beautiful and meaningful reminder to be still, one of God’s greatest gifts in this wondrous world……

  4. Thank you Fr John, I’m off to a contemplative prayer day, so this couldn’t be more timely.
    Reflecting on the readings for this morning I was called to the message of unity, and that the prayer day is open to all Faiths will help with this contemplation today to enable me to draw on the richness of God’s love for all of His people.

  5. Hi all, I read this after a wonderful morning of walking to the cafe at the far end of the red zone with my wonderful wife and our awesome puppy. This is so true, God bless you all.

  6. Thank you Fr John I am reading this a day later but so timely as I have spent the night in quietness with my darling Dad who is his journey of leaving us on earth. It has been such a gift to spend this night in quietness with him and in God’s company.

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