The most frequently prayed prayer of the Christian faith is the Our Father, given by Jesus as a model for all prayer. Jesus said to his disciples…when you pray, pray like this: “Our Father…”

There are many online reflections helping us to appreciate each phrase of the prayer more deeply, but today I want to take only on the first word of this great prayer, a complete meditation in itself.

The Our Father is a communal prayer whether prayed in a group or alone. Most often I pray this prayer alone, at many moments through the day and a further half dozen times with the daily Rosary.

The word OUR is a powerful reminder that when I pray I am not alone. Not only am I in active relationship with God, but I am united with all who share OUR faith in Jesus Christ.

Yesterday I received a text message from someone I had never met who had been given my number by a mutual friend. The mutual friend and I share a conviction that life without Christ is no life at all, perhaps an existence, but not the abundant life we seek.

I was happy to meet this person so last night I found myself on Ponsonby Road for a drink with someone I had not previously met. Within moments the conversation moved to what was real as we shared our experience of life.

When I returned to the seminary I spent a few moments in the chapel savouring the grace of the evening conversation. While many people settle for unsatisfying casual connections with colleagues, the one who lives in relationship with Christ is never alone.

An Invitation

  • You might like to pray the Our Father whenever it comes to mind today, perhaps when you hear of someone in need or when you are stopped at the lights.
  • Ponder the word “Our” savouring the grace of friendships that you enjoy because of your relationship with Christ.
9 Responses to "our"
  1. Because the Lord’s Prayer can get worn smooth by years of familiarity, a valuable Lenten exercise is to deeply digest the words one phrase at time. It will come to life in us.

  2. “The one who lives in relationship with Christ is never alone’ so true. We are fortunate indeed. How I pray that my family will come to know Christ in this way.

  3. Thank you Fr John for gently reminding and an invitation to pray the OUR FATHER with “a change” – with deeper meaningful and insight as a mantra. So today I pray: ” Help us to drink the wine of compassion”

  4. Lovely message today and it is my prayer Our Father, for my family to open their minds and heart to his will be done.

  5. Thank you. I’m also struck that it’s Jesus who is praying the prayer – when we pray it he is praying it with us.

  6. Amen thanks be to you Lord Jesus Christ for Fr John really look at the Our Father in a more meaningful way Amen

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