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Feb 25, 2021

The most common greeting on meeting a friend or stranger is probably “how are you?”

Most of the time the question is just a way of opening the conversation and we don’t really want to hear an honest or detailed answer. Think of the people who, when you ask them how they are, take the opportunity to give you every detail of all their aches and anxieties. We soon learn not to ask them how they are!

But if someone really wants to know how you are, how do you work out how you are? I could say that I have no aches and pains today and had a decent sleep last night so I am ok, but when I think a bit more deeply, considering my hopes and hurts and anxieties about the day ahead, I’m not too sure how I really am, and an unexpected phone call or email bringing bad or good news has the power to change my feeling within seconds.

But perhaps there is a way to ensure that I am well whatever is going on in my life. Maybe there is a security available to me that can give me the stability I seek whatever news the day brings?

Perhaps the real question is not about how I am but about who God is?

Many people call themselves non-believers or athiests. But when they describe the God they don’t believe in I can add that I don’t believe in that God either.

The God they describe doesn’t exist.

Some people say that God is whoever you want God to be. But one who believes knows that God is not simply our own creation or imagining. God exists apart from ourselves. We don’t create God. God creates us.

Jesus presents a helpful comparison: Think of what you are like on your best days, how generous, how loving, how forgiving. Well if you (given all your imperfections and frailties) can be that good, imagine how much more generous, loving and forgiving God is!

So given that God exists, how can I get to know God? How can I live in relationship with Jesus Christ who is God-with-us?

Today’s gospel gives us the method as a helpful acronym.

A. S. K.

ASK and it will be given to you;

SEARCH and you will find;

KNOCK and the door will be opened to you.

An Invitation:

  • You might like to make ASK your word of the day, remembering to tell Jesus your needs asking for his visible and audible response, searching for the subtle signs of God in the ups and downs of your day, and knocking persistently at the doorways Jesus is waiting to open into a future full of hope for you.
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  • The daily Lectio Divina reflections now have their own page at this link.


  1. Hi John…love it ASK…the word of the day!!!!
    Cheers Mike

  2. What I am learning (a work in progress I might humbly add) is I am that I am at this very moment. If I look forward to the future that means I am not happy with what is happening in my life today good and not so good. Absolute obedience and acceptance of my reality opens my eyes and lights up the darkness in my life if with Gods grace if I remember to look for it.
    As Thoma Merton says for this to happen I need to do the “mahi” that is to rendevous with God in prayer Meditation Study Contemplation Morning evening and throughout the day where I will find God in the every day circumstances of my life. This practice becomes the foundation of my soul where I can place the alter of my daily reality where I can surrender and trust it into Gods loving hands.
    I am learning after all these years that my greatest spiritual growth is in fact the times I am suffering most. There is always a lesson for us as many of the great religions also testify . Easy said I know however with God by our side we can do it. This has been my experience any way.

  3. “ASK”
    It should be explained that way,
    In ALL Dictionarys.
    thankyou Fr John,
    And I am “grateful,”happy”
    That I am alive and breathing”
    even amongst the ups and downs of life


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