going for joy

Sep 1, 2021


You will know Matthew McConaughey from his movies, and FFF featured him a few months ago posting his inspiring Oscar Speech.

These kinds of video clips are often written off as pop-psychology, but they really provide sound, attractive and easily digestible food for faith. This is because good psychology does not contradict good spirituality and good spirituality is not in conflict with good psychology.

At the heart of life is the fact that aloneness is not the same as loneliness. While loneliness is a painful reality, it is most often the consequence of grasping at and attaching to things, projects and people we mistakenly think will bring us happiness, only to realise that at the end of these driven and exhausting days we find ourselves feeling more lonely and isolated than ever.

As McConaughey reflects, when our head hits the pillow at night, no matter if we are alone or accompanied in bed, we are alone.

And while this reality might initially surface feelings of loneliness, healthy human solitude is waiting for us when we shift our perspective.

While the clip doesn’t mention Jesus, I know that it is all about Jesus Christ and His willingness to turn our loneliness into a place of intimate and divine solitude.

Thanks Matthew!


The FFF Homily Studio for this coming Sunday is now uploaded to the website. Listen at this link or click on the image below to hear the conversation between Kath Petrie, Merv Duffy SM, Catherine Gibbs and John O’Connor.


  1. Just to add another dimension to “going for joy”…

    Today begins a month of “the Season of Creation” which +Francis invites us into…

    To see anew.. to hear anew… the gift of Earth and all creation around us..

    Yesterday we were blessed with a sunny day… the beach was crowded…

  2. Amen

  3. I totally get the difference between aloneness and loneliness, these past 2 weeks I have been alone, but never once lonely.
    Being comfortable with yourself and knowing you are loved by a God who never leaves you brings comfort and peace. So the lonely place is no longer somewhere to be afraid of.
    Thank you for the company you have brought into my aloneness!


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