restless ?

Dec 15, 2021


We all carry the tendency to never be satisfied and to seek more than we have.

This restlessness is a characteristic of healthy humanity.

The dis-ease that impinges even on our happiest moments is a sign that our humanity is alive pressing us forward.

The disciples of John encountered Christ and noticed that he appeared to be an adequate response to their inner longing. They ask him if he is the One, and rather than give a simple doctrinal answer he directs them to look at the evidence of their experience.

They recall that those who encounter Christ are able to see with renewed vision, to listen with more finely attuned hearing, and the lame walk, the sick are healed and the dead are restored to life.

This is enough. They have found Christ and there is no need to search for another.

You might like to…

…test whether or not what I am suggesting is true for you. Is Jesus really the answer to all our human longing and the only adequate response to our restlessness? Is Christ enough? Take a moment now to ask Jesus to reveal to you, in the next few hours, that He is enough for you.

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  1. Thank you, Fr John. A perfect message for the Advent season. The longing for Christ in our lives and discovering He is amongst us and in us is at the heart of our celebration of the Christmas message. God bless your ministry. Peace and blessings to you for a Happy Christmas.


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